"Turn-key" or "over-the-finish-line" system design
It doesn't matter what phase of design your product is in.   Are you are just beginning to build a design concept or trying to push your design over the finish line?   Are you designing a brand new product or are you wanting to update an older design?   Modulent Systems may be able to help you succeed in any of these cases.


Printed Circuit Board design
We have over two decades of printed circuit board design experience.   We have designed many different PCBs from two-layer circuit boards used for research and development to 10 and 12-layer space rated circuit boards currently being used on the International Space Station.   We offer all of this experience to you and your engineering staff.   We can also be your technical "point-of-contact" when you decide to have your PCBs manufactured and/or assembled.   We also offer assembly services for small quantity simple circuits, such as those used for system development.


Embedded System programming
We have nearly ten years of experience in embedded systems programming.   Some of the microcontrollers that we have worked with in the past include Atmel's ATmega and ATXmega series, Microchip's PIC16 and PIC18 series, and the NXP (Phillips) ARM series.

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