From beginning ...

Are you in the planning and conception phase of the "next big design" that will propel your company into the forefront of the industry?   If so, consider bringing Modulent Systems, ltd. on as an electrical engineering support resource. 


... to end!

Are you at nearing the end of a development project and just need a little help pushing it over the finish line?   If so, Modulent Systems, ltd. is here to help.


What is Modulent Systems

Not every company can afford to staff a full time electrical engineering or research and development team.   Modulent Systems, ltd. is here to fill that role for you.   We fit into your process exactly how you need us to.

Whether you are looking for a complete "turn-key" solution for your electronic design or you just need help in getting your design project pushed over the finish line, Modulent Systems is here for you.   We are bringing over 30 years of experience in electronics, including avionics, commercial, industrial, and space-flight electronics to your design table. We are also bringing nearly two decades of printed circuit board layout experience, and nearly 10 years of microcontroller programming experience.   This allows us to offer you either a complete "ground up" design package or just a helping hand where you need it in your design process.

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